We love learning about health and the environment….what this generation can do better to get and stay healthy, as well as to leave it a better place for our kids.  We want to know that what we’re doing on a family scale will be carried on, and also why it will (or maybe won’t) work on a larger, or global scale as well.   Learning this whole blogging thing seems like a great way to record our ideas as well as our trials and tribulations, and maybe….just maybe someone will like what we’re doing and follow  along.

So, with that in mind, we hope to source the best of the best ideas, recipes, videos and natural health guru information from all across the web, and share it with you.  Let’s face it, you probably don’t have time for all that, right? That’s a primary reason we started this blog, so we can easily share it.  It’s a weekly roundup of the stuff I’m learning, reading and sharing, plus extra tips and information

About us: Derek & Wendy + 3

We’re a pretty normal, 3-kiddo family living in beautiful Golden, CO.  While we love our entrepreneurial skill set, we’re forging a new and sometimes challenging road for ourselves in regards to how we feed and support our physical and mental selves.  Derek, a hospitality junkie, got out of operations almost 10 years ago and started his own consulting/inspection company, focusing exclusively in hotels, restaurants and resorts all through North America. It’s been quite a ride with the economic downturn, but the company is successful in it’s own right.  Wendy turned a love of photography from a very young age into a profession.  She loves her solo work in a thriving yet very competitive marketplace where everyone now carries a camera in their pocket.  Somehow she turns snotty, messy haired kids who blink all the time into a work of art worthy of anyone’s living room wall.

Of course, our own kids are an entirely different story when it comes to pictures….it’s pretty hard to get all five of us in one great shot when “Mom” (aka the one who is really in charge in this house) is a pro-photographer herself.  Finally, she broke down last year and asked a local photographer to do our family portrait, and wow, I see how hard that job is now!  It’s a lot of work to get good pictures like this, especially when it gets such a critical eye (she was thrilled with the whole shoot ,thanks again Kate Borgelt).


“If you can’t you must, and if you must you can.”
Anthony Robbins


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Looks great, Derek and Wendy! Saw a comment you made recently on one of Dr. Mercola’s FB posts and decided to check out your blog! Hope you take a moment to listen to our podcast, SatFatRox Radio, and check out the FB page of the same name too!

  2. Hello Derek!

    This is Celina with the Start a Blog Challenge Team.
    I just wanted to ask you for your email address since it was not included in the form you filled out when you joined the Start a Blog Challenge.

    As you might already know, this information is not disclosed to anybody, but it is necessary for us to send you communications in regards on how the Start a Blog Challenge is going. Would you please reply to this message or send me an email to celina@liveyourlegend.net?

    Thanks in advance.

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