Dr. Mercola’s re-post

I get a daily email from Dr Mercola, and most of them ring true for me.  I highly recommend reading them, as they do all the research and legwork on the chosen topic.  I could simply re-post them here but think it would just be best to subscribe to his page and get them directly.  This one however is so true, and so SIMPLE I wanted to report for quick reference.  Also, we’ve done exceptionally well with this top ten list (with the exception of the cell phone)  and if we can do it, I know other’s can too.  I can do better by using my stand-up desk more, and I would like to find a better place for the wifi router in my house, as I work from my desk in the same room with it all day long.

You can click on his post here.

Enjoy…good luck!


2 thoughts on “Dr. Mercola’s re-post

    • We have two old cast iron pans, and Wendy’s grandma gave her “Lifetime” brand pans many years ago we use. Between those, we cook heavily every day. We broke down and bought a non-stick saute pan that is ceramic, but because it was from Target the quality is questionable (although performance-wise so far it’s great). We only use that when we pan fry eggs. (we usually poach them in my grandma’s poacher!) I have no experience with mercola’s cookware, but am sorry they didn’t work out for you. We got tephlon cookware for our wedding in 1998, and got rid of it over 5? (maybe more) years ago.

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