Gotta start somewhere…

My wife and I have made a conscious decision to be very selective in what we put on the table each and every day.  From a budgetary standpoint alone, it creates many challenges and sacrifices in other areas of our lives, however we’re both steadfast that for us it is a decision that is a real no-brainer.  We’re far from perfect, however currently we pay close attention to, and try to keep out of our home the following: GMOs, pesticides, artificial colors, flavors & preservatives, as well as hormone-laden meat and dairy (there is much more we keep out, and of course much that we keep in as well, however that will be for another post, in much greater detail).  Part of this choice is fueled by the multitude of food allergies we have realized in our kids (one of them being life threatening-nuts).  We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the allergies our kids are forced to live with are a direct result of both the food we have eaten our whole lives and the environment we as citizens of the world have created for ourselves.  We can set the foundation for what our kids eat today, however we cannot undo or change the environment they live in or the genes we gave them.

We have come a long way in our own quest to live a better life since we had kids, and for that we’re grateful.  The resources found on the internet today are endless, and as a result we feel confident that one small step at a time, there is a tide turning from the awareness being created.  It’s a constant evolution in our household and on a global scale as well.  With that ease of available information, I am not too naive to believe all of what I read, so many things I have to take with that proverbial grain of salt (Himalayan Crystal Salt of course!).  One line of thinking that I do feel is manifesting itself comes from something Gandhi said: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Gandhi wasn’t perfect, however he still led a movement of peace like no other in history, and it was certainly against all odds.  I think this is what we’re up against….the status quo always being right.  Common sense must prevail here folks.

So many people simply do not know what is in the commercially produced “food” today, and therefore don’t have a clue what it is doing to their health.  I want to scream at people who: 1) drink diet soda to stay slim, 2) smoke cigarettes with their kids in the car (or in their belly), or 3) walk/ride for a cancer “cure” when preventing it in the first place should receive just as much attention and funding, (monetarily, it’s nearly nil).  I could go on an on here, but I think you get the picture.  It makes no sense though, and to me it seems like the writing is on the wall… fact the writing is in bold, CAPS and italicized, yet so many just don’t see it.

What’s up here?  How can this be?  In this day of such easily available information, how could we as a human race have gone so far astray?  As Americans, I think we’re more off-course than our other worldly companions, and yet I’d like to think I am pretty optimistic on most things despite so much doom and gloom in the news today.  Lets start small….one step at a time.  Remove [fill in the blank] from your diet.  Then add [fill in the blank] to your diet.  Try it out, take it slowly, and see how you feel.  You Gotta Start Somewhere!  Then try again….rinse, repeat….rinse, repeat.  I’m no Doc, but I am confident that you can stay healthy, lose weight if needed, fight colds and even cancer too if you “treat your body like a temple, not like a tent” (thanks for the line Jimmy Buffet!).

I have to start somewhere….  I am not exactly sure where this blog will take me or any potential readers for that matter, however my hope is that as an average Joe, I (and we as parents) can be a part of the awakening that is going on today in natural health….more specifically, how we can allow our bodies to work as they were supposed to, both using modern knowledge/research and old school practices alike.  It’s not even that hard to do, and once you start to nourish yourself on the inside, results will show on the outside.

I welcome your (civil) comments.  Thank you for reading along.